Young entrepreneur opens vintage clothing store in downtown Mansfield


Harry Squires, 26, opened the doors to his new West Gate shop on Monday after choosing to change careers during the lockdown.

After spending four years as a shopkeeper, Harry found himself laid off from his full-time job and started selling his unwanted clothes through online fashion marketplace Depop.

With sales booming and a keen sense of bargain, he started scouring car shoe sales and online clothing sites for designer brands and decided not to go back to his old job – getting the keys to its new premises last month.

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Owner Harry Squires at his new West Gate store, Credible Clothing.

“It’s been hard work since I got the keys, I’ve spent very long days getting everything ready – but I’m really happy with it,” said Harry.

“Sales were going really well online, and there’s nothing like that here, so hopefully it’ll go well.

“We cater to all tastes, from Barbour and Moschino to Mulberry and North Face – truly something for everyone.”

Although he’s only 26, the Brunts Academy alum works 15-hour days to remodel the empty shell of the store and hopes to expand to the second floor if sales continue to take off, both in online and in store.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley visited the new store on launch day.

His online store is fast approaching its 2,000th sale and he has used the proceeds to fund his new clothing store.

“Sales were so much higher than expected online,” he said.

“I realized there was an opening in the market and I jumped in, and it’s already getting a lot of attention, so I’m crossing my fingers that it continues.”

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley also visited the new shop on opening day.

He said: “It’s great to see new businesses opening up in the constituency.

“To see a young boy who has done well from an online store and is now launching on the high street is great, and I really hope it turns out well for him.

“Good luck to everyone opening up in the days and weeks ahead as we return to some sort of normalcy.”

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