Yes Vintage Clothes Can Be Haunted – Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Bad Energy


How to clean bad energy from your vintage clothes

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It makes no difference if your vintage clothes have been dry-cleaned and washed a million times, or even waxed. this old gem. The thing is, energy stays, and once a person puts an object on their body, their aura – that is, the energy field that radiates around all living things – becomes attached to it.

There are different colors associated with the aura that dictate various emotions and moods, all of which are contagious based on our own personal vibrations. We can pick up this energy – whether negative or good – simply by touch and closeness. And, what many may not realize is that they can also be transferred through your last vintage purchase.

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Our bodies are sensitive, some more than others, which is why we can feel this energy on a physical level. I’ve personally felt the energy of others when trying on a pair of vintage Levi’s that haven’t been properly cleaned, or even when wearing a new dress from my favorite vintage boutique. Does this mean the clothes can actually be haunted by previous owners? Well, yes, sort of (although in a less graphic way than your favorite horror movie). In order to loosen this energy, you may want to use the advice of reiki healers and vintage curators, who have some experience in this matter.

Think of it as a ghost hunt for vintage designer duds 101.

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Reiki healer Kesaine Walker says “the energy is everywhere, including on vintage clothing.” However, if you buy something while shopping, the best thing to do is to try on the clothes. The energy you feel may not be coming from the room at all, but rather from the store, employees, or even other customers.

“Listen to how you feel when you touch or wear the items,” she says, before sharing some virtual advice. “You may not be able to touch while shopping online, but you can still listen to how items make you feel by looking at them.”

Reiki healer, psychic, esoteric life coach and owner of The Fitness Witch, Christine O’Day, says she’s definitely people’s energy on vintage clothes, both from the previous owner and those who handled these items.

“Vintage clothes definitely have energy, especially if they’ve been worn a lot. It’s like a glimpse of someone else’s mood. I can feel it as soon as I touch an item,” said.

According to O’Day, the fastest way to clean an item is to wash it like you would any other item of clothing, but with an extra step using special ingredients.

“I would also use frankincense and myrrh,” she says. These herbs are known to detoxify objects, spaces and energies. Simply lay the clothes on the floor and burn the herbs as incense in the room to cleanse the items in question.

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Vintage clothing curator and magical founder of The Psychic Life of Clothes, Julia Popescu, admits to handling vintage clothing that may have been haunted by the deceased previous owner. To clean pieces like these, she suggests lightly misting clothes with a lavender mist from afar.

“If you really want to become a wizard, you can also put a mojo bag of cleansing herbs in a pocket (parsley, rosemary, tobacco, lavender for example), or just sprinkle the herbs into wrists, liners, etc.”, Said Popescu. “Cleaning clothes is very creative, so you can use just about any cleaning ritual in your witch’s toolbox!”

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You also won’t want to underestimate the power of your words. In order to get rid of the bad vibes on vintage, say things that you consider energy shifts. Thank the clothes for fulfilling their previous purpose, and then for the fate that brought you together. Thank them in advance for the journey you are about to take together. Our clothes can be sacred and therefore our relationship with them is too.

Walker also recommends setting an intention “to release any energy that doesn’t belong to you or serve you on the items,” and even using reiki on the clothes themselves.

“I like to lay my hands on each item for several minutes and visualize the old energy being released as I infuse the clothes with positive, loving vibes.”

Clothes can be our connection to the past and other realms, as well as to our psychic selves. So before you slip into that new vintage coat or carry a purse from Etsy, you might want to clean it up first — in a number of ways.


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