“Virginia Vintage Collection” includes classic looks worn by Hoos Sports Legends


And then there was former UVA head coach George Welsh.

“He was the best game preparation coach I’ve ever played for or worked with,” Moore said. “He was highly respected, a Hall of Famer. I would not have had the level of success I have had without Coach Welsh’s mentorship and coaching.

Parkhill played for head basketball coach Bill “Hoot” Gibson.

“If he had a style it was, ‘Do whatever you can to try to win the game,'” Parkhill said.

Parkhill said an early season win over Duke University in the 1970–71 season kicked off the program.

“More than anything, we proved we could win in the ACC – and I’ll take that to my grave,” Parkhill said.

“We had some big wins, some of them on the road. We just had a really good team. We played very well together and we proved that we could win. That, more than anything, means the world to me and every guy I’ve played with.

Although the Vintage collection is inspired by the era, the styles are cut with current fashions and include clothing options for men, women and children in everything from t-shirts and outerwear to hats. The designers of the collection conducted a wave of research to come up with the initial set of eight classic brands to improve and recreate. The search included photo archives, faded game programs, library materials, old ticket stubs, trophy designs and, of course, those timeless uniforms.


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