Vintage Clothing Store Founder Shares How He Started a Business and Aims to Be a Millionaire


The owner of vintage clothing store Rock Retro in Lincoln says his goal is to grow his brand to the point where he will become a millionaire and can spend the rest of his working days helping underprivileged children.

Adam Mann, 24, started selling his grandfather’s antiques after he passed away, which quickly turned into a passion for sending once-loved items to a new home.

He started selling antiques and clothes on Ebay before working at a vintage clothing store, Yak. It was there that Adam learned his trade, which prepared him to open his own store, Rock Retro, at the age of 22.

Adam cited difficulties and funny stories, such as when he jumped into the back of a stranger’s van with two wooden planks that would become his store counter.

He said: “Taking on a big project, there are a lot of hurdles. When we started, we spent thousands of dollars on actions that we had to take back because it wasn’t right.

“We had to put it in the car and drive it back to Milton Keynes. It wasn’t well done and it wasn’t vintage.”

Adam cringes at the idea of ​​being a perfectionist and he says that’s just what comes naturally to him, but the way Rock Retro is so carefully decorated, there seems to be a real attention to detail in the presentation of the shop.

During the lockdown, Rock Retro expanded its store over two floors – but it doesn’t stop there. Now he co-owns the store with his partner, Shelly, and they plan to expand outside of Lincoln and build a brand.

Inside Retro Rock

retro rock
Upstairs at Rock Retro

“I want to make it a real business,” he said. “We want to expand and increase our salaries.

“Having five stores would be the end goal. I want it to be something manageable. Then I’ll sell and do other things.”

Adam’s story is already a success, but he wants to go further.

“I want to grow it until it’s worth £1million. It’s probably worth around £100,000 now.

“Then I want to help troubled kids. I was really naughty at school and got kicked out a lot. I’d like to give something back.”

Adam said there will soon be job opportunities at Rock Retro, with staff having the opportunity to progress through the company.

Rock Retro is based on Guildhall Street in Lincoln and is on Facebook, Instagram and Depop.

retro rock
Retro Rock, 18 Guildhall Street, Lincoln

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