Vintage Clothing Online – 50 Best Vintage Online Stores for Shopping


The most durable clothes are, of course, the ones you already own.

However, styles change, bodies fluctuate in size, and sometimes the itch for something new just can’t be ignored. Luckily, there’s a (very stylish) way to scratch that itch without (or very little) contributing to fashion’s carbon footprint: buy second-hand and from vintage stores online.

Now, we love a charity shop as much as anyone else, but they don’t quite have the ease of your favorite e-tailer. However, we have a solution. Many of our favorite vintage sellers have made sure they have an online presence, which makes it really easy to browse their stock.

If shopping for vintage clothing online seems a bit daunting, there are some tips to remember to make sure you get the fit and style you want.

Be sure to check or ask sellers directly for detailed item measurements and cross-reference the measurement with clothing of a similar style that you already own and know how to fit. Likewise, asking questions about the composition of the materials (which you can similarly compare with pieces in your own wardrobe) will help you determine how the pieces fit. It’s also always worth asking if the item you want to buy has any flaws, stains or odors (which shouldn’t necessarily prevent you from buying) and what the return policy is. Following these additional steps gives you a better chance of being a satisfied customer of these small shops.

Here are our favorite online vintage stores and sellers on Instagram and beyond…


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