Vintage Clothing Business Expands to Pride Park


Fox Vintage Wholesale, international supplier of vintage clothing, has completed its move into two adjacent warehouses in Pride Park, Derby.

The property transaction was handled by William Speed ​​of Salloway Property Consultants.

He said: “It’s great to see the success of a promising company lead to the expansion of its real estate needs. Fox Vintage is a family business with three siblings who are the directors who have seen their business take off over the past two years. I am sure that the new premises will provide an ideal platform for the company to continue its success story.

Roxie Webster of Fox Vintage said: ‘We had just outgrown our previous premises and were struggling for space. This new ownership really provides us with what we need to grow the business and implement many new ideas that have been bubbling over the past few years.

Speed ​​added: “These units are part of the upscale Ivygrove development at Royal Scot Road on Pride Park, which remains Derby’s premier business park. During a short marketing period, demand was huge, and the lease to Fox closed quickly.

“The market for these units has emerged from the pandemic period in very good health and we are seeing demand outpace supply by some margin. We strongly recommend that anyone looking to sell or rent their premises contact us to discuss potential options.


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