Ralph Lauren launches one-of-a-kind vintage collection – shop it now


Photographed by Christian MacDonald, vogueMay 2022

On April 29, Ralph Lauren will launch a 13-piece vintage capsule collection. While that’s exciting news in itself, there’s more: the collection has been curated entirely by vogue and is a small-batch mix of vintage and recycled patchwork pieces. All in celebration of the Costume Institute’s upcoming exhibition “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” the sequel to September’s first part, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”

The patchwork is a tenet of Ralph Lauren’s Americana-infused design philosophy, and it also reflects what visitors will see when they first enter the exhibit. The show opens with an 1856 patchwork quilt, and it’s a depiction of the diverse cultural fabric of American fashion that serves as an introduction to the impressive display of men’s and women’s clothing spanning American history from the 1940 to the present day.

The Ralph Lauren vintage collection has two categories: first, a collection of 13 vintage garments that Ralph Lauren has culled from its archives. The assortment includes classic Americana pieces ranging from a vintage denim jacket to romantic floral maxi dresses. Then there’s a special patchwork skirt, which was hit as part of the cultural zeitgeist as it was sported by American actress Mischa Barton during the height of COThe fame of . teen vogueSeptember 2006 issue. Plus, you’ll find RL classics like a crisp white prep-style blazer accented with gold detailing, a timeless outerwear item that can be worn for years. And because all of these pieces are vintage, there’s only one of each up for grabs.

Additionally, there are two Polo Ralph Lauren dresses, not vintage per se, but made with upcycled textiles (vintage scarves, vintage Ralph Lauren swatches, and vintage stripes) in cute patchwork dresses, one of which was modeled by Eve Jobs in our May 2022 issue.

Photographed by Christian MacDonald, vogueMay 2022

Here, Jobs illustrates the potential of the dress, which can be worn in multiple ways. Wear it with a pair of leather loafers and a chic couture, then complete it with an elegant summer hat, like a raffia topper. Find this and more in vogueRalph Lauren’s vintage selection, available exclusively via the Polo app (available in the Apple Store Or on google play).


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