Primark has launched a new vintage clothing section in Manchester



Vntage fans can expect to see unique denim jumpsuits and shirts, spaghetti tops, printed sweaters, 70s, 80s and 90s puffer jackets.

Fast street fashion beast Primark surprised fans and haters alike this week by revealing plans to launch a new vintage clothing section.

The retailer, which is regularly chastised by slow fashion activists for its unethical production methods, has decided to go a little greener by partnering with a local independent vintage clothing company.

Working with Vintage Wholesale Company, who also run vintage and second-hand clothing store Poorboy in Hull, Primark will launch two new vintage clothing sections in its Manchester and Birmingham stores under the brand Well worn.

This means that, for the first time, Primark customers can buy a mix of pre-loved branded and unbranded items in-store and feel a little better about their carbon footprint.

Picture: Primark

Promising to stock a range of 70s, 80s and 90s trends, vintage fans can expect to see unique denim jumpsuits and shirts, spaghetti tops, printed sweaters, puffer jackets and vibrant patterned shirts in the new Worwell sections.

On the brand side, those willing to dig will find vintage pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Converse, Levi’s and Dr. Martens.

Riccardo Seaton, Director of WornWell by Vintage Wholesale Company, said; “We are delighted to open WornWell by vintage wholesale company at Primark.

“We take great pride in sourcing high quality vintage clothing from around the world, and are excited to grow our business and bring unique pieces of timeless fashion to customers in Birmingham and Manchester.

“Each item is unique. We want to inspire our customers to express their individuality and discover the love of vintage by wearing our clothes.

Picture: Primark

Speaking about the new partnership, Jermaine Lapwood, Head of Innovation and Future Trends at Primark, added: “We are very pleased to open our first vintage dealerships in Birmingham and Manchester. Vintage clothing has grown in popularity over the past few years, and we know our customers love creating unique looks by mixing old fashion with new.

“This dealership will be the nostalgic bridge between generations, bringing curated retro fashion to great value.

“We want clothes to be loved longer and kept in circulation – we have big plans within our own company to give clothes a longer lifespan, and we’re excited to support an independent business doing just that. job.”

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A date for the new vintage drop has yet to be released, but the clothes should hit stores in the coming weeks.

Feature Image – Poorboy Vintage


Woman arrested after getting her car stuck on tram tracks drunk after sat nav

daisy jackson
daisy jackson

A woman has been arrested in Manchester after driving her car on the tram tracks in the early hours of the morning.

Greater Manchester Police said they found a vehicle stuck under Great Ancoats Street.

The tunnel that runs under the busy town center road is for trams passing between Piccadilly and New Islington.

Officers said it turned out the woman had been drinking and had been following her navigation system rather than the rules of the road.

She was taken into custody for drunk driving.

The woman drove her car on tram tracks and got stuck under Great Ancoats Street. Credit: Google Maps

A message from the GMP city center account, posted at 3.44am on Sunday morning, said: ‘All aboard the Jager train – A woman drove on the tram tracks and got her car stuck under Great Ancoats Street.

“Turns out she’d had too many drinks and tracked her GPS.

“Now in custody for DUI, but I didn’t think she should be in a cell, because she’s not a prisoner!”

It’s been a busy weekend for the force in Manchester, with GMP revealing earlier that one of their police cars had been broken while the officers were briefing for Manchester Pride.

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They said: ‘It was a very busy weekend for us but while our night patrols were doing a briefing for #Pride someone decided to destroy our police cruiser.

“It’s one less vehicle to respond to emergencies, not just tonight, but until it’s fixed. #CarDown”

Another man who was acting suspiciously was arrested – and it turned out he had a car full of drugs and guns.

He is now also in custody for possession with intent to supply and possession of a firearm.

Featured Image: Unsplash


‘We’re broken’ – 16-year-old from Salford dies at Leeds Festival in suspected drug-related incident

daisy jackson
daisy jackson

The 16-year-old boy who died at the Leeds Festival has been named David Celino, as his family pays tribute to the “beautiful and fiercely independent” teenager.

David, from Worsley in Salford, was taken to hospital after the huge music festival on Saturday night, but tragically died in the early hours of Sunday.

An investigation has been opened into what West Yorkshire police believe to be a drug-related death.

One investigative lead suggests he had taken a type of ecstasy (MDMA) which was described as an oblong gray or black shape.

David’s ‘broken’ family said he had just celebrated ‘fabulous GCSE results’ and considered the Leeds festival the highlight of his summer.

David Celino has died after falling ill at the Leeds Festival. Credit: Official Reading and Leeds Festival

In a statement released by police, they said: “Our David was a fiercely independent and warm-hearted handsome character who lived 110 per cent every day and enjoyed spending time listening to music with his friends.

“He had just received fabulous GCSE results, entered university and was hoping to study computer science at a top university.

“The Leeds Festival was the highlight of his summer; in the end, it was to take his life in the most unjust, cruel and horrible way, and we are broken.

His family, who have asked for confidentiality, are being forcefully supported and police investigations are ongoing.

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Officers were first called at around 10:16 p.m. on Saturday August 27 to report that a 16-year-old man had been taken to the medical tent.

Deputy Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of West Yorkshire Police said: ‘Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased boy, and we have officers supporting them at this very difficult time.

“Although the exact cause of his death has not yet been established, one line of inquiry is that he had taken a particular type of ecstasy (MDMA) tablet, which was described as an oblong gray or black.

Credit: Official Reading and Leeds Festival

“At this time, this is believed to be an isolated incident as we have not received any similar reports.

“Users of any drug that is not professionally prescribed can never be sure of its content and the risks of taking the substance.

“Anyone who feels ill after taking a substance should seek emergency medical attention.

“We continue to conduct on-site investigations and remain in close contact with the organizers of the event.”

Anyone who thinks they can help with the investigation can contact police or security on site, call 101 or use the LiveChat feature on the West Yorkshire Police website.

Featured Image: Official Reading and Leeds/WYP Festival


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