PASO Collection curates vintage clothing from local thrift stores, private collectors | Style


By Alecia Humphreys

What started as a heartfelt hobby – the thrill of “finding” in thrift stores – has blossomed into an online boutique of carefully curated clothing that is not only timeless but also vividly vintage.

“It all started when I was reselling in general,” says Amber Ibarra, founder and owner of the PASO collection. “I was going to thrift stores and reselling things on Poshmark. I slowly got into vintage, and I really wanted it to be its own brand – different from any resale thing I was doing. With vintage, you have to mark it and make it exciting.

Ibarra, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, art history, and archaeology, founded the PASO collection in January 2019.

“I was really aware of the collecting part of the whole PASO name,” says Ibarra. “It’s an extension of my own personal aesthetic, and it’s kind of like my [own] collection. Even when I get things, I have to keep them for my own time. I have to mentally prepare myself for his departure. So it’s just that, a collection, and I don’t even mind keeping things and even waiting for the right buyer.

Ibarra sells everything — pre-sale via Instagram Stories and then on the PASO website — from accessories and sleepwear to dresses, tops and more, from the early 1900s to the 90s.

Photo courtesy of Paso

“Each piece in the collection is hand-selected by me for its beauty, quality and uniqueness,” says Ibarra. “You can get great quality stuff at prices that I wouldn’t pay for the quality of a contemporary piece. The prints are also very exciting to see, especially like the 1930s. … Some of the prints that are out of the 30s are so whimsical. It’s so interesting to see things from a different perspective through clothing.


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