Huge kilo sale of ‘weigh and pay’ vintage clothing back on Leeside this month


After successful vintage kilo sales on Leeside, the popular Kilogarm company is back with another huge new-for-you and pre-loved fashion sale.

Announcing the event, Kilogarm teased: “Be prepared to buy over 5 tons of vintage and used clothing and pay by weight for just €30 per kilo! You can buy as much or as little as you want. No restrictions !”

The beloved event is scheduled for Cork City’s Clayton Hotel on Lapp’s Quay on May 22, where fashion lovers have already browsed Kilogarm sales, and many Leesiders have picked up some truly unique finds.

“Let your imagination run wild! Choose and mix as you wish. It’s only €30 a kilo, you never know what you’ll find. You can expect a great atmosphere filled with buzzing music, happy faces and tons of awesome clothes.”

They also gave great examples of what you can pack for a kilo, including:

  • 1 Jacket, t-shirt, shorts and shoes.
  • 2 branded track jackets.
  • 4 shirts.
  • A pair of denim jeans, a patterned jacket and converse.

Under Covid-19 restrictions, selling is by card only and purchases are on an hourly basis, with early bird tickets for the 9am and 10am slots at €2 to browse all items first the world.

To find out more and book tickets for this funky fashion event, click here.


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