How to buy vintage clothes like an expert


According to ThredUp, the global used market is expected to be valued at $77 billion by 2025.

If you flip to page 116 of the May issue, you’ll be greeted with a plethora (101 in fact) of sustainable shopping and style ideas with items you can find in your local opshop or via a quick scroll online vintage sites.

Of course, the shoot includes resale items like soft fitted styles, leather jackets and jeans. Elsewhere, vintage Versace minis are paired with tall Michael Kors boots or a Helmut Lang top paired with Loewe jeans.

The total cost of these sets is half the price of what you would pay for a new season ready-to-wear item fresh off the catwalk.

vintage clothes

“It’s the thing about vintage, if you look down the runway and I can guarantee you can find pieces that give off the same vibe or aesthetic or already have a similar fit and build.”

So, as a natural shopper capable of discovering vintage gems, compiling this shoot was second nature to Teanne.

“I started stocking this shoot with places I like to shop… Vestiaire Collective, Depop, The Real Real, The Turn and other local stores like Route 66 in Newtown and Kiko Vintage.” Teanne adds that one of the best things about working with these vintage stores is that you can source items that aren’t usually available in Australia.

vintage clothes

“I was sifting through shelves, going to vintage warehouses and hand selecting things, but that’s the joy of vintage shopping. A lot of what we buy these days is in online, vintage lets you pick and try things in person.

But vintage fashion isn’t just a new thing for old players. “You can’t go in thinking you’re going to come up with something spectacular, you have to be ready to put in the work.”

Teanne also recommends that this form of cardio, like any exercise, is best done in a group. “Try to go with someone who knows a few places, I often end up going with friends and those stores end up being one of their favorites too.”

vintage clothes

Unfortunately for us, Teanne salvaged most of the parts seen in filming for herself. But don’t let that stop you from indulging in the resale world.

“When you buy something used, it comes back at a discount, it gives people an entry level to the brands they want to access and love, but previously couldn’t have.”

It’s the future of fashion. The new vanguard uniform? Head toward at marie-claire Can emit and see for yourself.

Photographer: Mia Rankin
Fashion Editor: Teanne Vickers
Hair: Madison Voloshin
Makeup: Joel Babicci
Models: Sarah Deni & Molly Rowe
Producer: Emily Gittany


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