Hasbro Reveals Four Deluxe Mandalorian Vintage Collection Figures



This week’s Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty reveals included four Walmart exclusives The Mandalorian The figures. At this point, it’s just expected that the Star Wars team will only have to offer repaints and re-releases, and that trend continues. Four new “Deluxe” minifigures have been revealed with Ahsoka Nano, Incinerator Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper (Navarro Cantina) and The Mandalorian & Grogu (Maldo Kreis). Each figure will receive all new accessories in each pack, and with the exception of the Mando Kreis set, they all have new windowless packaging. As silly as these new The Mandalorian Deluxe sets are, they offer the right amount of extras to make them pretty sweet.

The Incinerator Trooper will come with a new Grogru as well as new flame effects to capture some iconic scenes from Navarro Cantina. With the upcoming release of the Navarro Cantina playset, it’s no surprise that Hasbro is trying to add new miniatures to the set. This also includes the new Imperial Stormtrooper with shiny armor and a nice torrent with blaster effect. As for Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka and Din Djarin are getting new sets, with Ahoska coming with a new cloak, a Grogu, Morai, and a lamp. Din, on the other hand, gets a new Mando Kreis with new Krykna spiders that will be perfect for future HasLab Razor Crests. Each of the new Deluxe Packs is priced at $ 20 with a Spring 2022 release while the Mando & Grogu comes in at $ 26 with a possible release in December 2021. Collectors can find all of the pre-orders of these figures to the right here with direct links to each product, and pre-orders come and go, so be patient. Check out all the new numbers below:

“The Mandalorian, known to some as Din Djarin, is a battle-worn bounty hunter, and Grogu is a mysterious alien pursued by bounty hunters on behalf of Imperial interests. Celebrate the legacy of Star Wars. , the space saga action adventure game of a galaxy far, far away, featuring premium 3.75 inch scale figures and vehicles from the Star Wars The Vintage collection. premium detailing and design on product and packaging inspired by the original line, as well as the quality deco entertainment inspired collector fans have come to know and love. (Additional products each sold separately . Subject to availability.)”

“The Incinerator Soldier uses powerful flamethrower weapons to set enemies and their fortifications ablaze. And Grogu is a mysterious alien being pursued by bounty hunters. These Star Wars The Vintage Collection Deluxe Action Figures The 3.75 inch scale Star Wars Incinerator Trooper and Grogu feature special artwork packaging, as well as the original Kenner branding. These Star Wars The Vintage Collection action figures come with 4 entertainment-inspired accessories including spear pieces -flames and flame effects; a great addition to any Star Wars collection.

“Now a wandering Jedi, Ahsoka Tano makes her own way through the galaxy, righting the injustices she discovers. And Grogu is a mysterious alien chased by bounty hunters. This 3-scale Star Wars The Vintage Collection classic , 75 inch Star Wars Ahsoka Tano & Grogu Deluxe action figures feature special packaging artwork, as well as the original Kenner branding.These Ahsoka Tano & Grogu action figures are inspired by characters from Star Wars: The Mandalorian and make a great gift for Star Wars collectors and fans ages 4 and up. “

“Elite shock troops fanatically loyal to the Empire and impossible to remove from the Imperial cause. They wear a towering white armor, which allows them to survive in almost any environment. This classic Star Wars The Vintage Collection in the world. Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper 3.75 inch scale (Nevarro Cantina Deluxe Action Figure) includes special packaging artwork, as well as the original Kenner branding. This Star Wars The Vintage Collection action figure comes with 2 entertainment-inspired accessories including Canon E-Web; a great addition to any Star Wars collection. “

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