Display of vintage clothing at Highland Hospice Forres ahead of the Forres Heritage Trust Historic Photographic Exhibition

Mairi Skivington and Ainsley James curate the Vintage Clothing Exhibition at Highland Hospice.

A century-old piece of clothing is displayed in the window of a neighborhood store before another historic event in the city center.

The outfits were donated to Forres Heritage Trust (FHT), some of which are currently on display in the Highland Hospice shop at 43 High Street – to be moved to the Tolbooth for the trust’s historic photographic exhibition at the end of the month.

The dresses were provided by Meg and John Mackenzie, who set up FHT in 2010 and helped secure the purchase of the Tolbooth he now owns.

Meg said, “We are thrilled to donate these vintage garments to FHT. The ultimate goal is for them to be sold to generate funds for FHT, but first we want the public to be able to enjoy them!

“The flapper dresses were given to John by his godmother Bessie Hodsdon who had a shop on the High Street.

“Some of the items are over 100 years old and we hope there is someone who can help us with more information about them or give us a value.”

The exhibition at the Hospice before the Forres Heritage Trust's final historic photographic exhibition.
The exhibition at the Hospice before the Forres Heritage Trust’s final historic photographic exhibition.

FHT Administrator Ainsley James gathered information about the collection and helped Mairi Skivington, Highland Hospice Shop Manager, create the shop window.

He said: “It’s such a wonderful gift from Meg and John. The craftsmanship of the dresses is awesome and we enjoyed checking out all the items.

“We found an early 1960s photograph of Gordon the Drapers’ High Street window which shows one of the outfits. This is now on display at the Hospice. Many thanks to Mairi and her team at the boutique who helped create the striking showcase.”

Mairi added: “I loved working with Ainsley and the beautiful dresses. So many customers and passers-by look up to them. It was a wonderful project to work on.”

The Historic Photographic Exhibition will take place at the Tolbooth from Wednesday August 31 to Saturday September 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission is £2 and there will be a raffle and tea and coffee available in the courtroom.


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