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AArriving and finding the entrance to Vintage Revival is part of the fun. The tiny shop is tucked away on the second floor of the Affatati building, off Division Street. Panels adorned with decorative writing and a few vintage pieces lead you to your final destination. The door turns and welcomes you to a cozy little vintage boutique. I am greeted with a “woof” by a fluffy gray dog ​​who I later learned is called Teddy. After being approved by the watchdog, visitors will be greeted by shop owner Shasta Ashford. She opened Revival Vintage amid the pandemic and attributes her success to the city’s incredible community of vintage makers and enthusiasts.

“I opened in December 2019 and the community has since shut down,” she said.

Shasta is passionate about vintage and “slow shopping”. Fast fashion thrives on low wages, long working hours and contributes to pollution. “How we spend our money is basically a ‘vote’ on how we want this world to work,” she explains. Supporting local retailers and thrift stores is one way to support slow fashion. Vintage lovers already know the thrill of finding the perfect piece and there is no shortage of stellar vintage finds in this space. Clothes line the walls and interesting homewares are stacked on shelves throughout the one-room boutique. For retailers and makers, the energy spent finding “purpose (and homes) for the treasures we buy or create…is worth every moment”.


Ashford also reminded me and our readers that she entrusts her clothes for a 40% commission to the seller; bring coins for cash and spread the second-hand love. For those looking for even more ways to celebrate, on August 26 Revival Vintage and Luck of The Draw will host their third Thrifty Thursday. Dealers and makers line the halls of the building while shoppers can enjoy live music and beers from Boneyard and Avid.

vintage revival
1824 NE Division St. Suite 1, Bend
On Instagram @revivalvintagebend

Second place: Luck of the draw


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