A local nomad woman opens a vintage clothing store


Local woman Audray Luck is pursuing her dream of being her own boss by opening a brick and mortar business in the historic saddlery building. Luck’s Place, what she calls an antique shop, is full of unique treasures from years past.

Ms. Luck specializes in antique clothing and textiles, as well as vintage items. Luck’s Place is a place where anyone can come and find something they love. Local artisans are also featured in the store offering homemade leather goods, jewelry, houseplants and more.

Ms. Luck is a lifelong collector who started selling vintage clothing three years ago on Instagram as White Hart Vintage Co. while living on the road. Now she lives outside of Chattanooga in a small school bus where she has operated her business since returning from the road.

“I lived in small spaces and had a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle for over eight years,” Ms Luck said. “Having this space to display and sell all my treasures is something I don’t take for granted.”

Ms. Luck loves all things antique, but especially clothes and textiles. “I want to keep every piece of antique clothing and fabric from going to landfill. No matter the condition, we can reuse items and repair them as they once did. Every piece of clothing that crosses its space has a story to tell. Ms. Luck said it was an honor to be able to pass these stories on to whoever buys it.

This space is more than just a vintage clothing store or an antique store. This is a carefully curated selection of clothing and specialty items. It’s an art gallery in its own way. A place you can go to learn more about the ways of the past and the stories it holds, officials said.

The grand opening of Lucks Place in the historic Old Saddlery Building on September 18-19 at 3069 Broad Street Suite #5.

Tintype photographer Amanda of Salvage Sparrow in Athens, Georgia joins the grand opening on Saturday to take authentic and unique tintype photos.


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