A guide to sustainable and vintage clothing in Bristol


The Croft Magazine// By Ania Townsin, Styling digital editor

An overview of kilo sales, including how they work, how to get the best quality second-hand clothes and where to look out in Bristol to build a new sustainable wardrobe this fall.

As the fashion industry accounts for around 10% of global carbon emissions, one of the best ways to secure used vintage clothing without the high prices of high street shops is to sell by the kilo. Kilo Sales uses the weight of clothing materials to measure the cost of the purchase. Whatever the brand, the price remains the same! It’s a great way to find unique and durable pieces that would otherwise go to landfill. Kilo sales breathe new life into otherwise neglected vintage clothing and allow retro trends to come back! Preloved Kilo and Paintworks Kilo Sale are two great options from Bristol to get involved in sale-by-kilo shopping.

Used kilo

Preloved Kilo is a company that travels the country and frequently visits Bristol’s iconic location, Bristol Beacon, to set up a pop-up store for the day with enough stock to cover four floors of clothing and accessories. Their items include a wide range of 70s and 80s inspired denim, dresses and knitwear, as well as vintage sports sweatshirts such as Nike, Adidas and Rebook pieces. They even have upcycled sneakers, like Converse, and accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, and bags.

Used sale by the kilo Epigram/ Ania Townsin

Preloved are the UK’s biggest vintage sellers and have saved up to 500 tonnes of clothing from going to landfill. In January 2017, the first event took place at Bristol’s own Motion nightclub after starting with pop-up stalls at various festivals and events. Chief Buyer Wayne, personally travels overseas to source the highest quality pre-owned items. While there may be odd imperfections in some garments, an item missing a button, for example, is easily repairable and means the garments stay in circulation longer, making shopping more environmentally friendly. and reduce your carbon footprint!

Since lockdown hit the company, the team managed to strike a deal with George at ASDA to provide sustainable clothing to the general public! This is a major step to help widely promote second-hand items as affordable and available to everyone, which previously regularly limited people’s second-hand purchases.

Used sale by the kilo Epigram/ Ania Townsin

While Preloved held regular events in major cities across the country, they will return to Bristol on Sunday November 14! This event is certainly not to be missed for the chance to choose quality branded clothing at very advantageous prices.


Another distinctive kilo outlet is Paintworks at Arno’s Vale in Bristol, a vibrant new site created from a previously derelict industrial complex. Paintworks hosts a range of arts events and exhibitions aimed at encouraging positive relationships with the arts and surrounding communities. They have a huge variety of retro clothing and accessories at wholesale prices, ideal for fashion-conscious students on a budget with a kilo of clothing weighing just £15.

The next kilo sale taking place on Sunday, October 10, it’s definitely a date to add to your diary! Paintworks is again an event space that tries to promote sustainable shopping with a variety of kilo sales and events such as vintage furniture sales. Their goal is to remind people of the importance of recycling and to bring old household items and clothing back to life. Even better, they also encourage people to bring their own bags to avoid plastic waste at the event.

Each item is individual, so as a tip, be sure to grab something if it catches your eye or it will get picked up by someone else!

Kilo sales are a great way to consciously shop with a wide variety of unique and individual pieces, meaning there’s no chance of awkwardly walking around campus wearing the same sweater as the person sitting at next to you! It’s always best to buy locally whenever possible, but kilo sales are successfully helping to increase the accessibility of second-hand vintage clothing, gradually aiming to create a greener fashion industry. There’s plenty to get involved with in the Bristol area, making it more accessible for shopping in a sustainable and affordable way, so there are no excuses!

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